As a professional hair stylist, I have been interested in Permanent Makeup solutions since I learned about it in 2001. However, that service was not available in the New Orleans area...until Carole DeZArn launched "Softouch permanent Makeup.
Since I already did my own research on the subject, I knew exactly what I wanted and what to look for as far as professionalism, education, and sanitary procedures. Even though I knew I set my standards high and was unwilling to compromise on what I wanted, I can honestly say that Carole exceeded my expectations on every level. I couldn't help but be impressed by her artistic vision and her perfectionist talent.
My permanent eyeliner looks so perfect and so natural! I love it!
This was the best gift I ever treated myself to!

Stephanie P.

I am so happy with the way my eyes look.
After years of using over-the-counter products, I absolutely feel that permanent eyeliner is the best gift a woman can give herself.
One of the greatest advantages is being able to simply put on lipstick and be out the door.
I was very impressed with your knowledge and professional demeanor.
You also put me at ease when I saw how clean and sterile your shop is.
Thank You So Very Much!

Shirley M

I want to extend my appreciation for the excellent job you did in removing the "botched-up eyebrow job" that had been done a few years ago.
Much to my delight, my eyebrows now look  normal, and I am not ashamed of them anymore. Also, the eyeliner procedure that I had done at the same time turned out beautiful. I am very pleased with the results of both of these procedures.
You were very professional in your work attitude and fully explained what was to be accomplished and the approximate length of recovery.
Once again, thanks for a wonderful job and I would recommend you to anyone interested in having any of these procedures done in the future.

Cathy R

I'm truly ecstatic about my permanent full lips & liner and my permanent eyeliner. My lips and eyes look fantastic! My time getting ready has been cut in half. Half of the beauty regimen is now permanent and never smudges or rubs off! I cannot elaborate enough about the convenience of permanent makeup. I look good and feel good about myself and lets face it, that's what all of us women yearn for!

Michelle T.

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my permanent eyeliner, Brows, and Lips.
My job requires that I dress professionally almost seven days a week, and the permanent makeup has given me time for an extra cup of coffee or a little more sleep each morning. On the days I am not working, I just need to put on a little blush and I am on my way; I don't even put on mascara.
As I told you when we met, I have wanted to get this done for over ten years, but was not comfortable with just anyone doing my makeup...after all, it is permanent. But when I read your website and saw your credentials, I knew I found someone I could trust to do the job and do it right. You reinforced my conclusions when I met with you and how professionally you described the procedure and the time you took to answer questions.
The ultimate compliment was when no one noticed that I had it done until I told them. They thought I looked the same, which is exactly the result I wanted.
I was so happy with my results, I gave my mother permanent eyebrows as an early Christmas present. When she was young they were singed off and never grew back. I can tell you she is just as happy as I am.
I would not hesitate referring anyone to you, and have done so.
Best of luck to you and Softouch!!

Mary A.

I am one happy girl.
After receiving Chemo Therapy a while ago, one of the side effects was having my hair fall out. Well, after I was finished with Chemo Therapy, low and behold, the hair on my head grew back. Not so true on my eyebrows, because they never grew back. Needless to say, I was devastated.
Then, one day I heard about you and Softouch , and how good you were on tattooing. So, I thought I would give it a try.
Well, Since you have done my eyebrows, I thank God every morning, but I also thank you for your artistic work.
You are not only talented, Carole, but you are one fine, classy lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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