Advanced Permanent Makeup Course for Tattoo Artists/PMU certified (18 hours practical) tuition is $3500 – a non-refundable deposit of $1000 prior to class will secure your reservation. The balance is payable in full forteen (14) days prior to start of class.

Brow Design

In this lesson you will learn about the application of Permanent Makeup to create Eyebrows.

Preparation – You will learn which topical anesthetics to use to numb the brow and how you can save time and money by mixing your colors and designing brow shape while waiting for client to numb.

Eyebrow Shaping – Learn the proper way to draw brows! We instruct you in the proper techniques of placement, symmetry, and choosing the best color for your client. As the beauty industry has said for many years brows are “sisters” not “twins”. We discuss how to get your client to see their brows as a vital part of their whole face, not just matching brows.

Application – You will work with your instructor on performing an actual eyebrow procedure learning Microblading, Shading, Ombre  done by Manual and Machine.  We will also cover Corrections.  We are the 1st in the Industry to teach both Manual and Machine in the same class.

Eyeliner Application

Eyeliner may seem to be the hardest procedure to learn but once you know the secrets of great eyeliner techniques you will see it is the easiest and quickest procedure to perform.

Preparation – Learn all about the eyes and the structure of the eyelid. The importance of using the correct topical anesthetics and set up is emphasized.

Practice – You will practice the hand tool technique’s rocking motion on practice materials until you learn the proper movement.

Application – You will work with your instructor to perform an actual eyeliner procedure on a live model. It is absolutely vital to a successful eyeliner procedure to understand stretching techniques. You will go over these techniques as well as keeping your client’s eyes safe and comfortable. You will perform the Softap technique for your eyeliner procedure.

Lip Liner and Full Lip Techniques

Lip procedures have come a long way over the years; however, they still are considered a process not a procedure. You will learn the possible concerns with lip procedures as well as how fun and profitable they can be.

Preparation – It is important that you and your client have a full understanding of the lip procedure. You will learn how the tissue of the lip is very different to work with than regular facial skin with pores. Color theory is the most important part of every lip procedure and we will discuss that in great detail.

Application – You will choose and mix the correct color for your client as well as learn the various lip techniques and when and why we choose each technique for optimum results.

Advanced Training Programs

Advanced Lip Training Course

For the experienced technician desiring additional training. Must show Certificate of Completion of basic hand-held class and a minimum of 100 eyebrow or eyeliner procedures.

Course Curriculum

Class will consist of advanced theory on lips and lip liner, to include anatomy of the lip. Advanced techniques incorporating SofTap® pigments and tools and hands on model work.

Areola Re-pigmentation Course

This is a specialty class for the confident student who wants to expand their skill set, as well as their business.

Course Curriculum

Building upon the basics this course entails the client assessment and consultation, anatomy of the areola, and usage of Traditional Tattoo Inks  and tools(coil, Rotary, digital and Manual) for this procedure. Client care procedures and forms. 

Camouflage/ Correction Course

This would be the class for the professional who wants to reach a wider clientele base. It is a great addition for the medical anesthetic or spa.

Course Curriculum

Anatomy and structure of the skin. Pathology of skin disorders. Theory of color and technique. Usage of Sof Tap pigments and tools. Contraindications of procedures.

Advanced Color Theory

An in depth study of color in relationship to skin tones and pigments.

Saline Advanced Removal 

This 2 day  Saline Removal class will have you leaving confident to go back to your office and start doing Lightening /Removals.  $1300. 

Learn the CORRECT technique and tips to achieving great results, from pre-anesthetic procedure , needle selection,working technique and much more!

Class Includes

 Webinar 4 hours

1 Bottle LiFt  Saline Solution

Class size maximum 4 

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