Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Prices & Services

Brows (Microblading, Combo, BrowFade, Shadow) – $500

Eyeliner – $500 (top, bottom & Lash enhancement)

Lash Enhancement (top only) – $350 (Color between every lash)

One Line (top or bottom) – $350

Beauty Marks – $100

Full Lip With Shading – $650

Lip Liner (this procedure perfects the shape and is most skilled) $650

The Works – $1400. Brows, Liner & Full Lip color (regular price $1650)

“The Works” Saves you $250

All procedures may need two appointments. Initial treatment and a perfecting appointment(4-6 weeks later). Rarely  you may need a third appointment.

Throughout the years you will need a color maintenance visit.

These visits are….

$200 Yearly Maintenance

Color Boost 2 years $250

Color Boost 3 years $350

After 4 years Full current price

My job is to put the tattoo on, YOUR job is to KEEP it on.

All Sales are final. No refunds