Softap Training Classes

We Only accept students in a related field. We will accept students with a background in :




Fine Art Tattooing

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Future Potential

Permanent cosmetics are one of the most profitable and sought after services in today’s image conscious market. Experts in the field of beauty consider it one of the fastest growing beauty services available. Growing to a tremendous surge in popularity along with the development of innovative techniques such as the SofTap® hand method, permanent cosmetics is now available to everyone.

Softap Training Curriculum

Your success is directly related to the quality of basic training you receive and the ongoing education you pursue. Carole is a certified SofTap® instructor and through Softouch Permanent Makeup LLC, each student is offered comprehensive theory and hands-on training to fully prepare you to utilize the products in the Softap line. Students taking the basic course will graduate with confidence and proficiency in performing eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner applications, utilizing the products manufactured by Softap. The basic course is a 100-hour class some of which are home study hours. The cost of training is $6500 per person for all of your softap products used during your training, with a $1000.00 nonrefundable deposit. With deposit, you will receive a study guide prior to class. Also available for purchase are kits ranging from $400 to $1800. As part of the curriculum, students perform approximately 8 procedures on live models. Please try to provide your own models. This concept is designed to encourage self-promotion and early business marketing. During the hands-on live-model procedures, students receive close supervision. Potential models are assured of instructor participation.

The student can also choose to have their permanent makeup done by a fellow student at the reduced model fees as well.

Models pay $100 for brows, $100 eyeliner and $200 for full lip color. Being a model is a rare opportunity to receive quality permanent makeup at minimal cost.

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Advanced courses are customized to fit specific needs and include training in specialized Softap products.

Basic Softap Training Course:

Comprehensive Manual-Mailed with Paid Deposit (20 Home study hours)

Classroom and Practical Study (40 hours)

Apprentice Study (25 hours)

Sanitation/sterilization guidelines

Color theory and pigment selection

Consultation information

Client intake forms

After care forms

Extensive one-on-one training

Troubleshooting and difficult case management

Supply list and ordering information

Marketing information

Insurance information

Certificate of Completion awarded upon graduation

Ongoing support through email, telephone and online study.

Apprentice program available for local students

State Laws

Students are responsible for understanding and complying with state and local laws.

You can review your state laws at:

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Prior to class acceptance you must have the following:

1. CPR/FIRST AIDE Certification

2 .BBP Certificate

3. Comfortable Clothing for all days, no open toe shoes

For students taking an advanced class, from out of town, the school is located near New Orleans International Airport and hotels. 
Snacks, Lunch and Transportation will be provided for all students. Classes with 4 students will be provided overnight accommodations.