Our Tattoo Removal process is the ORIGINAL ALL NATURAL, NON-LASER (no acid or chemicals) product and procedure available in the world. A+ Ocean has been the leader in successful tattoo removals. Our certified technicians can lighten or remove any unwanted tattoo. Below are some benefits to choosing this ALL NATURAL technology over other methods of tattoo removal.

A+Ocean vs Other Methods:

1. The A+Ocean Method has no color restriction and brings all of the ink, regardless of color, up and out of the body and not into your lymphatic system.

2. The A+Ocean requires less sessions as it removes ALL colors with each procedure performed.

3. The A+Ocean will cost less as it may not require as many procedures.

4. The A+Ocean is result oriented as it “lifts” the ink out of the body and into a controlled scab which forms through the body’s natural healing process.

5. The A+Ocean procedures are performed with a machine similar to what was used when receiving the tattoo. There is far less pain as an anesthetic is used prior to and during the procedure for your comfort.

6. The A+Ocean is the safest medical method available as it is uses an ALL NATURAL product and proven medical procedure.

7. The A+Ocean does not use glycolic acid or chemicals which can cause scarring due to burns received throughout the epidermis. These methods can produce surface scarring due to the “dermabrasion” process.

Dangers Of Laser Tattoo Removal

According to a current worldwide investigation that included the EEC (European Economic Community) and FDA (US Food And Drug Administration), an analysis of the consistent ingredients in tattoo pigment was done, and it was found that the pigment, when exposed to LASER irradiation, can cause serious health risks.

What this means is LASER tattoo removal can create unforeseen health risks long after the tattoo removal process has been done. Currently, there is no data that can disprove the potential risk for highly undesirable systemic health effects from LASER tattoo removal, in particular the long-term effects which may contribute to specific types of cancer.

According to world renowned UCLA Professor Richard Bennett, “The pigment from LASER removal settles in the lymph glands and can easily settle in other organs.”